jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Les encouragements ça marche !! tres tres drole

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My Yoga Online

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Double Agent Shoes

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Me and google are so close we finish each others sen...

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Welcome back, sir. Are you planning on being our guest for one night only...

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Situation amoureuse

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Je vous déclare Mari et Femme, vous pouvez mettre à jour vos statut facebook

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Incredibly preserved mummified monk found still sitting in the lotus position.

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17 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make You Laugh

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Cool dog


jeudi 15 janvier 2015

Une loutre qui groove

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When you sit attentively in class but you dont undestand a thing...

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When ur sad and people ask if ur okay

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Cartographie du lit quand on est en couple

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Ne vous faites pas d'illusions avec vos 1000 amis facebook...

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un chat … unique

La coupe dragon! 

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Une maîtresse demande à ses élève...

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Apprenti cuisinier

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dimanche 11 janvier 2015

Cocorico Monsieur Poulet De Jean Rouch 1974 (Niger)

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Please do not leave drinks unattended (the cat is an asshole)

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Rescued Farm Animals Get Cozy Coats To Keep Warm In Winter

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Skittles contain crushed insect cocoons to make them shine

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Skittles contain crushed insect cocoons to make them shine

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Shoud I tell him I am here?

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Moooooo-ve out of the way, fool!

Orlando Jones' #MadeOJLaugh" on WhoSay

I named my dog 5 miles...

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